My name is Dominika Střížková and I was born in Prague, where I grew up and studied. I became Mgr. grade at FF UK, where I studied nordic languages Finnish and Swedish. In September 2020 I moved to a village in central Bohemia, since I like more the life out of the town at this time and it is more comfortable for me. I keep coming to Prague quite frequently, thus face-to-face lessons can be arranged, but mostly I teach online, or we combine personal and distance lessons with some students.

I engage in teaching Finnish since year 2016, with Swedish I started in 2019. I teach mostly individually, alternatively in pairs. Ocassionally I continue having individual or group courses at a language school, where I started five years ago. However, since spring 2021 I tend to work by myself and become independent. Apart from Finnish and Swedish I am also interested in other nordic languages, namely Northern Sami and Meänkieli. Thanks to these two minor languages I keep remembering how it is to learn something what is new and undiscovered for me. This enables me to identify better with my students and set the lessons to their needs.

In addition to languages I occasionally engage in yoga excersise, considering me still being a beginner, although I recently have found out that my first lesson was three years ago. (But I excercise regularly just a year.) Moreover I am interested in a healthy food and lifestyle, and for a second year I try to improve my humble gardening skills.